30 before thirty!

After 15 days of walking in the mountains in Nepal, seeing so many beautiful people, trees and too many nepelese flats I have decided to undertake the list of 30 things to do before I turn thirty. (that sounds so old!)

1. Take Yoga once a week
2. Learn to make sushi well and serve to all my hot friends at least every few months.
3. Run a half marathon, well!
4. Learn to surf down more than just white wash, it's time to step it up I think, move on from the foamie.
5. Camp at morton island when it's not raining.
6. Start rock climbing
7. Go camping more than three times a year
8. Learn to good a great cake for friends birthdays (not just chocolate)
9. Visit an ashram
10.Stop eating chocolate every day
11. Sit on a floatie for a whole day
12. Volunteer once a year at least
13. Draw great maps
14. Mega postups, in multiple cities/towns
15. Enter Archi comps  / Art Exhibitions 
16. Registration
17. Send a valentines day letter and picture.
18. Make a Zine
19. Call my interstate family more often
20. Go vegan / raw, get alice to teach me how! 
21. Mount Everest Base camp. - Whooh , complete!
22. Read the news paper every day/weekend
23. Sun spots are looming
24. Draw every day/ create every day
25. Write a manifesto
26. Apply for a study tour
27 Research medical conditions instead of taking to wikipedia ever other day.
28. Fly a kite and not just crash the kite.
29. Learn to make great chai
30. Speak up more, when the ideas arise.

As you can see some are easier than others and I might need some help, so all welcome to join in the listage.

Talk soon Hotties when i actually can upload some images.
Grace (kathmandu)


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