Today is exactly 365 days from when i need to tick off too many 30 before 30 objectives. Today was also a day of cake, reading, ideas building and dreaming of nepalese peaks. I know this is not really typical of my usual post, but I thought it was a good telling tale of the moment.

Love yourself first, continue to strive
For loving oneself, you have nothing to hide
Lack of self-esteem, can often cause doubt
Always think confidently, let yourself out
We all have something to give, by loving oneself
You’re beginning to live
When you feel good
Loyal and true
Only then, we can really help you
When you see a negative
Or experience the pain
Find yourself the positive
Enjoy the gain
For when we smile and glow within
We cancel out the problem, forever here in
So you see, by loving oneself
You have the opportunity
To love me.
Raymond david bardett


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