2012 Dulux study tour application - unfortunate failure

I don't usually write much on here but seeing as I'm attempting to tick off my 30 before 30 list I thought I should update the masses and indulge myself in a little bit of self analysis...

What factors influenced your decision to pursue architecture as a career path?
For me architecture has always been about contributing to the surrounds of people. The spirit of a place can determine and encourage the spirit of a crowd or one person to develop as they engage and inhabit their surrounds.  There is no denying this train of thought of contributing to society through architecture and progressive positive environments might be a risky goal to pursue, nevertheless if we (people who collectively mould the urban environment) considered there are bigger ideas out there may be our profession will question our position on problem solving for positive engagement by all inhabitants.

What influences and inspirations contribute to your practice of architecture
There is a guy in my office that collects the principal’s sketches, I’m sure he does this because the principals are of constant entertainment and inspiration, I think one day he believes that one day they will sell for thousands on ebay. My point being; the constant in my career is that I am surrounded everyday by people who constantly inspire and amaze me about the informed strategic decisions they make. The influence they have had on me is to keep pushing myself regarding  my own beliefs /principals so that one day I can be as influential as my principals.

What is the most significant contribution you have made to date to an architectural project?
Architecture as I have experienced happens in big teams, to list out personal contributions such as drawing a 1.4 million dollar house or working for three consecutive years on the schematic design of the new science and technology precinct at QUT would be a losing battle because I didn’t do it alone.  As a graduate I see the contribution we make to push each other out of our comfort zones to continually educate is as important as servicing a client’s needs, because by educating each other the outcome of the architecture we make is stronger and deeply satisfying.

What do you feel are the most pressing issues facing our cities built environment that architects need to address?
There are many socially concerning issues in Australia and the world for that matter in current times, however our profession seems to be determined to hand over our jobs to developers, project managers and anyone else who ‘snapped’ their hand down first. To reclaim our role as architects in a I see the importance of educating the wider public, our building colleagues and industry leaders about how architects are intrinsic to the making of not only housing “stock” or memorable spaces but that we continue to contribute well informed decisions where the outcome Is at the least an optimistic one.   

Note 1 : 30 before 30 was written at high altitude in the mountains of Nepal.. 
Note 2: Dulux study tour was written in Red Hill, Q, in hope that I might once again be able to travel for the eyes wide open experience again.


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