Brilliant openings - day 1 - 10 (short hand)

Arrival in Barcelona after a tedious 26hr transit from the land of Oz was somewhat uninspiring except for the internal rainforest I saw from a distance with in the one of the 3 airports I visited.
The buildings sit side by side one another with out a single millimetre between them.
Every third corner you turn is another square, always with a playful element. A sculpture, children's play equipment or ball throwing fields. There is never a square with out at least 4 restaurants .

Short Conclusion; thresholds are treated as an event, something special, a transition between two spaces is always spectacular under an arch of some form.
Artistic conclusion; Dali, Duchamp and Picasso mad the right decision holidaying in Cadaques.
First on my beach side holiday fishing village list other than Eagle Hawk Neck.


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